Fantastic! Gemilang Funbike Has Car for Prizes!

The biggest year-end event in Banda Aceh is estimated to be attended by more than 10,000 participants.

Towards the end of the year, there are various major events held in Banda Aceh. One of them is Gemilang Funbike. This event will be held on November 4th, 2018. This event will be held under collaboration between the Government of Banda Aceh, Serambi Indonesia and Luwak White Coffee.

The biggest year-end event in Banda Aceh is estimated to be attended by more than 10,000 participants. The prizes provided are also marvellous. The main prize is a car. Various other attractive prizes, such as motorbikes and electronic items, awaits for the participants.

By taking start and finish lines at Blang Padang, the funbikes participants will take about 15 kilometres route. Passing through a number of site and tourist destinations in Banda Aceh, including Ulee Lheue area, Banda Aceh Zero point at Gampong Jawa and the area of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque.

In addition, a special place is available to promote various delicious culinary and unique souvenirs of Banda Aceh at Blang Padang.

Banda Aceh Government is indeed actively engaged in promoting the tourism sector. Banda Aceh Mayor, Aminullah Usman, said this event was the government offering to the community.

He hopes the event can improve the promotion of Banda Aceh City and attract outside tourists to visit the city.

“We hope that through this event, Banda Aceh can be well-known by the world so that it will attract more tourists. For the further plan, this event will be used as a routine agenda every year. In addition, through this big event, the economy of the city will also beat, especially for street vendors,” He said.

He added that the main prize, one unit of the car, would be given to the lucky participant through a lucky draw process. All prizes are provided by the sponsors without charging the APBK (state budget) of Banda Aceh city.

The registration opens daily, starting from October 18th, at Serambi Indonesia Office. The registration fee is IDR 10,000 per participant. The first applicant up to 10,000 will get the bonus of Funbike Gemilang shirt.[]


Reporter: Munawar Hafizhi

Photographer: Mustawazir

Editor: Ayu Ulya