Top 10 Mosque of Banda Aceh
Tengku Di Anjong Mosque

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Tengku Di Anjong Mosque was located in the Pelanggahan village, Banda Aceh, save a long history. The mosque that attacked by the tsunami then again rebuilt following the pattern of the old building, without a dome with a terraced roof.

Entering the courtyard of the mosque, there is a monument on the right side, containing hundreds of tsunami victims in the village. On the other side there is a building that contains TGK Di Anjong night with his wife, the founder of the mosque. “It’s his tomb, many pilgrimage here even from abroad,” said Bustami, interpreter tomb.

According Bustami, the mosque was once built by TGK Di Anjong whose real name is Sayyid Abubakar in 1769 AD. He scholars nomads from Hadramaut, Yemen, assigned spreading Islam in Southeast Asia. He then settled in Aceh during the reign of Sultan Alaudin Mahmud Shah (1760-1781).

He is a Sufism scholars and jurists who are exalted beings. He spent much time in prayer and remembrance on the bridge of the mosque. From where he was dubbed Teungku Di Anjong.

The mosque was originally built of wood constructed. The mosque has three floors to describe three basic values of Islam; The first floor is called nature, the second floor of the congregation, and the third makrifat. The tsunami has made the mosque was destroyed and rebuilt with concrete construction are exactly alike. Only the ground floor is then enabled to worship. “The books he stored on the upper floor of the mosque is lost in the tsunami. Also other relics, “said Bustami.

Tomb of TGK Di Anjong and his wife also briefly submerged in water. However tombstones and carved on his tomb is still intact. His wife is also from Yemen, named Syarifah Fatima binti Sayid Abdurrahman Al Aidid or Aja Eusturi.

In many stories, the mosque has become the forerunner of Aceh called the Veranda of Mecca. Why, TGK Di Anjong, in addition to building the mosque, also built schools in the area. Pesantren put into a boarding house and students who want to learn from the archipelago to Malacca.

Dayah also became the center of the rituals of Hajj for pilgrims from various regions at the time. Aceh is strategically become a haven of ships carrying pilgrims, before continuing the voyage to the Holy Land. In Pelanggahan the one of the prospective pilgrims learned a month and guided byTGK Di Anjong. “Prior to Mecca, studying in the foyer, that proverbial.”

TGK Di Anjong died in the holy month, on 14 Ramadan 1100 Hijri, or approximately 1782 BC. After his death, activity dayah and mosques continue to run forwarded by his disciples. When the Dutch came to Aceh in 1873, the Islamic boarding school and the mosque becomes a fighter base in Aceh against the invaders. [AW|AZ]

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