Top 10 Mosque of Banda Aceh
Shuhada Lamgugob Mosque

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – Shuhada Mosque Lamgugob Village District of Syiah Kuala, is the mosque of the cleanest and most orderly in Banda Aceh. The results of that assessment in accordance with the judging by TGK Burhanuddin A Gani, Vice-Chairman of the MPU Banda Aceh on Friday, August 12, 2016 ago.

Mentioned, the mosque of civic pride Lamgugob managed to collect 937 points and are entitled to some cash assistance from the Government of Banda Aceh. Furthermore, the second place achieved by the Al-Istiqamah Gampong Sukaramai District of Baiturrahman, and the third prize won Masjid Muqarrabin Gampong Punge Blang Cut.

Head of Islamic Sharia (DSI) Banda Aceh, Mairul Hazami said competition of cleanliness and orderliness of the mosque is a program of the Department of Islamic Shari’ah Banda Aceh. Some of the criteria are considered, such as the management of the mosque, Inayah, the prosperity of the mosque, such as the provision of supporting facilities and the availability of the mukena and the Quran, Kitab and the book.

“Money coaching given to ignite the spirit of BKM in the prosperity of the mosque. And money is not recommended for the physical development of the mosque, but we ask more directed to activities that lead to the prosperity of the mosque, “said Mairul.

Chairman of the prosperity of the Great Mosque of Martyrs, Dr H Syamsul Rijal MAg in his blog wrote, Masjid Shuhada prioritizes comfort of pilgrims. Located not far from the road T Nyak Arief which became the main entrance road and UIN Ar-Raniry and campus Unsyiah. Therefore, the mosque was often the selection of academics, village leaders, to students for the congregation there.

Parking facilities are spacious, clean ablution place and always flowing water, characterize the cleanliness of the mosque. The mosque is currently being enhanced, in order to better be good either.

According to Syamsul, the mosque now stands magnificent, once just a village mosque mosques usually more. When the central Martyrs Mosque Keude Lamnyong with not fancy like the building now. In 1989 when the liberation of Krueng Lamnyong, Masjid Shuhada then moved to the village of Kayee Adang Lamgugop, Banda Aceh resident priest Drs TGK Sulaiman Hasan MA.

In addition to the activity of each of the five time prayers in the mosque, there are also other religious activities. The mosque is also used by the people of the village as the center of community empowerment as the implementation of the sacrifices, welcomed the days of Islam and teaching the children. [AW | AZ]

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