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Mosque Lueng Bata

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Banda Aceh – A large billboard mounted on the front of the mosque Jamik Lueng Bata Banda Aceh. The billboard told that the mosque will be followed by building ablution for the convenience of pilgrims. Not forgetting the invitation to citizens to help fund the development.

Call to involve the residents is intentional by the mosque committee, so that the value of togetherness among beings keep awake, said Mukim Imuem Lueng Bata, Mukhtar Hasan. “Because of its history Jamik Lueng Bata mosque is also built on the basis of mutual aid societies, whether old mosque building (mosque tuha) as well as building a new one now,” he explained.

For building a new mosque, called Mukhtar Hasan, construction founded by rice handful of residents. “Where citizens save with rice, a handful for the sake of a handful, every month of rice collected in the mosque and then the rice is sold to buy materials.”

Lueng Bata mosque is one of the mosque that holds the high historical value. The existence of this mosque associated with traveling long history of struggle of the people of Aceh against the Dutch colonialists. Jamik Lueng Bata mosque is located not far from the Banda Aceh-Medan, precisely in Simpang Muhammadiyah. This area belongs to the administrative area village of Cot Masjid, District Lueng Bata Banda Aceh.

Inside the complex of mosque Lueng Bata there are two buildings, namely mosques tuha (old) and new mosques. The old building is a relic of the Dutch era and while the new mosque not far from the old mosque was built in 1968, where the laying of the first stone by the Minister of Religious Affairs that Kela, KH Muhammad Dahlan.

Since the inauguration of a new mosque, the mosque tuha no longer used because of cramped. Measuring only 10 x 12 meters, with a quadrangular dome and did not rise. Thick-walled so that it can serve as the building if at any time there was an attack on the Dutch side.

In the days of Dutch colonial war in Aceh, Lueng Bata holds a very important role. Similarly, leaders of Mukim Lueng Bata, Tengku Imum Lueng Bata. When the second Dutch aggression against the Kingdom of Aceh, Kraton (In) constantly bombarded by the Netherlands. Kolera plague is endemic. Sultan, the Commander Polem and Teuku Baet, aside from Lueng Bata.

Lueng Bata, keeping history including the mosque. There are now many religious activities are conducted in the mosque Lueng Bata, including Quran recitation citizens and education for children. “We expect the construction of this mosque can be finished and perfect in a time not too long, so that citizens can pray comfortably,” Hasan Mukhtar hope. [Yayan|AZ]

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Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska