Top 10 Mosque of Banda Aceh
Kopelma Darussalam Mosque

Photos: Ahmad  Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – As one of the universities in Aceh, Syiah Kuala University has an obligation to produce graduates who are resilient in faith and taqwa and also in science and technology. Efforts to establish a formidable student in faith and science is also inseparable from the role of Jamik Kopelma Darussalam Mosque or also known as Jamik Unsyiah Mosque.

Jamik Unsyiah Mosque becomes one of the mosques that crowded with lecturers, students and the general public. The location is very strategic at the center of the campus complex and make it easy to reach the mosque. The mosque was built in 1985 and ten years later, in 1995 pride mosque of Unsyiah implemented a Friday prayer first and followed by prayers five times a day that lasts until today.

The mosque consists of two floors, used also as a center for Islamic studies for students and the surrounding community. Activities of Islamic studies utilizing ground floor Jamik Campus Kopelma Darussalam Mosque. “There are four main room and two other rooms that are often used to teach children the Iqra and diniyah school in the afternoon. Also used to study the religious sciences such as fiqh, Islamic and Quranic verses Tafsir, “said Secretary of State for Prosperity Masjid (BKM), Ustad Fathurrahmi.

He also said, now Masjid Jamik also have formed a partnership to study Islam with the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) to support the activities of Islamic studies at the Campus which held in this mosque. ” we have just signed MoU in the last 28 September 2016 and signed by the Chairman of BKM Jamik Darussalam Mosque Prof Mustanir,” said Fathurrahmi.

In addition, Campus Unsyiah also used for religious studies for students at the beginning of the semester called Companion Program Development Unit of Islam (UP3AI). Not only people around who take advantage of the existence of this Kopelma mosque, residents outside complex even from other districts came to the mosque to learn Tilawatil in which to discuss Quran recitation, interpretation and how to read the Qur’an properly.

Masjid Jamik Kopelma Darussalam Mosque prosperity managed by the Agency Jamik (BKMJ). BKMJ itself has several departments, namely the Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of Da’wah and Sciences, Department of Kemuslimahan, Ketakmiran Department, Public Order and Security, Department of Business and Treasury. [Yayan | AZ]