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Baiturrahim Mosque in Ulee Lheu

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Baiturrahim Mosque is a silent witness of the history of Aceh since the war against the Dutch until the tsunami. Located in Ulee Lheu, Banda Aceh, the mosque becomes a pride and one of the religious tourist sites in the Veranda of Mecca.

When the tsunami crushed the coast of Aceh December 26, 2004, Ulee Lheu flat ground. The only remaining building is the Baiturrahim Mosque. Though its location to within tens of meters from the beach. 6 thousands of people in this village, more than half of them becomes the victims. Four hamlets disappeared swallowed by the waves.

According to eyewitnesses, after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake on Sunday morning, waves hit the mainland highways. Many people have fled in the mosque. Only nine people who managed to climb to the top of the mosque survived, dragged the rest of the flow.

Batty very fierce waves, but in the mosque the water calm enough. “People can swim between this pole to pole, while outside (water) rolled very fierce,” said Subhan, a survivor at that time. He is currently one of the administrators of the mosque.

Baiturrahim Mosque is one of heritage sultanate of Aceh. Built approximately the 17th century AD, during the Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636 AD) the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. The mosque was built independently by the people on the ground who donated by Teuku Hamzah, a warrior in Ulee Lheu.

At first the mosque only a simple wooden that has construction with typical Hindu architecture. the building is next to the mosque now, or rather in tower. It was called Masjid Jami Ulee Lheu.

Name of Baiturrahim was named after Baiturrahman Mosque located in the center of the city, burned the Dutch troops in the invasion of 1873 AD. All religious activities such as the Friday prayer and then moved to Masjid Baiturrahim.

When the Dutch attacked once through the first Aceh’s Ulee Lheu Baiturrahim Mosque is one of the base resistance of the people of Aceh at the time. After mastering the Ulee Lheu, The Netherlands then make this area as a port city, a spice freighter lean.

Dutch help build the mosque Baiturrahim permanently with European architecture. Without the use of iron and bone buffer, this mosque was built only a pile of bricks and cement. Wood used comes from India. Look more beautiful with Arabic carvings full of meaning in it.

Only lasted about a decade, the front of the mosque and then renovated as it is considered similar to the church building. When a massive earthquake struck Aceh in 1983, the mosque’s dome had collapsed. Since the mosque is no longer vaulted.

Ten years later the mosque was renovated massive, expanded to two floors, but the original building remains are left on the front. Until disaster-powerful tsunami hit, Baiturrahim remain lofty standing on the shoreline of Ulee Lheu. [AW | Salman | AZ]

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