Top 10 Mosque of Banda Aceh
Al-Huda Mosque at Kampung Laksana

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – Growing up in the center of the crowded town, the presence of Al-Huda Mosque Kampung Laksana, has its own history, start from the story of the sacrifice citizens to be unifying for a heterogeneous society.

Built in 1965, Al-Huda mosque initially only in the form of a house. A resident of the lesser known name, in Lorong Tiga, Kampung Laksana, gave up his home for a “makeover” and then used as a place of worship of Muslims as known as meunasah. “Because the needs of the community will be a place of worship at the time, so there is a resident who give the land and home to be renovated and is used for a place of worship,” the story of Razali (57 years), Deputy Treasurer Masjid Al-Huda, Kampung Laksana Banda Aceh, the beginning of November 2016.

Initially the status is Meunasah, but after years later, residents worked together to buy land and build a permanent mosque.

Now The mosque has concrete structure and two floor, mostly built on the basis of governmental organizations. In 1980, the mosque was built permanently in the central region Kampung Laksana Banda Aceh. “The location of the mosque was moved because the needs of the residents, even though the land is not so vast, but the mosque can accommodate the entire congregation of villagers Laksana,” said Razali.

Being in the center of the crowded ghetto, surrounded by a heterogeneous population, the presence of Al-Huda mosque would be a counterweight to the lives of people who have diverse beliefs. “Here we live in a different environment, there are also many non-Muslims citizens living here but instead the mosque into adhesive society and religious life. Residents respect and help each other, it’s true, if the mosque becomes the pride of Kampung Laksana, “said Razali.

The mosque, which is dominated golden yellow color built on a land area of 1,572 square meters. Has a main room with an area of 16×20 square meters, which can accommodate 1,500 worshipers. In 2000, with the results of non-governmental as well, mosque officials build a tower on the west side of the mosque.

“There are many mosques activity today, there are public recitation, recitals dawn, a special lectures womankind, even teaching children or educational park Alquran,” said Razali.

The caretaker of the mosque since 2011 last year, Razali said there are many things still to be realized by the mosque officials, among them the building of a Koranic schools that permanent building specifically, thus becoming an educational institution for the children, not only in the region Like a village, but also in the city of Banda Aceh. The hope, can print a Quranic generation that kept rolling, “and always bring children and young people in the life of the mosque,” he said. [Yayan]