The Captivation of Kopiah Meukutop Mosque

masjid kupiah4
One of special thing that can be felt when conducting ramadan in Aceh, is praying night or Qiyamul Lail. Implementation of worship was conducted in two large mosque in Banda Aceh, Baitul Musyahadah Mosque and Al Makmur Mosque Lampriet, Banda Aceh.

Although it doesn’t located in the center of town, Baitul Musyahadah Mosque as known as Kopiah Meukeutop Mosque is easy to find. With the dome-shaped cap typical of Aceh making it unique. Selection of the dome-shaped cap is to show all Aceh side and perpetuate the fighting spirit of the hero Teuku Umar.

Baitul Musyahadah Mosque was built independently in 1989. Initially this mosque stems from a meunasah with the name Al-Ikhlas. Planning and architectural the building ideas by Prof Ali Hasjmy, a leading scholar in Aceh. Then in 1993 it was renamed Masjid Baitul Musyahadah and inaugurated by the Governor of Aceh Syamsuddin Mahmud, who was also accompanied by famous scholars KH Zainuddin MZ, invited to give religious lectures.

Its appeal to the architectural and uniqueness of the dome. Meukutop cap itself has a profound philosophy. The colors reflect the emblem of Islam, Qanun and customs. This mosque was founded in the pentagon-shaped tread, which symbolize the five pillars of Islam. [YAN|AZ]

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