The Beauty of Sarang Cave in Sabang

Sarang Cave in Sabang is a wonderful place for the explorers. It is located in the Iboih, District Sukakarya, Weh Island. Sabang Government made Sarang Cave as a leading tourist attraction to increase the number of tourism in the island’s western tip of Indonesia.

The Caves that has a lot of swallow, there are a lot of uniqueness. The charm of nature is still natural and fresh. Being there, reluctant to leave.

Many visitors have been doing promotion through social media, after visiting Sarang Cave. If you were there and the weather was sunny, Pulau Aceh will be clearly visible.

To get to the Sabang, can be reached from Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh by ship, only 45 minutes away. Also available airplanes which has flight from Kuala Namu Airport, North Sumatra to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport Banda Aceh.

In Sabang, existences of Sarang Cave is closed at a glance. To go to the location from center of Sabang can drive motorcycle or car. It took about an hour. The cave was exactly located on the west before the beach Iboih. See photos of the beauty Sarang cave above, recorded late April 2016. [AZ|AA]