Support Halal Tourism, RMBM Hold Program takjil Monday-Thursday

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Banda Aceh – Definitely sounds strange if there were to hold iftar for fasting sunna Monday-Thursday. But that’s the Young Masjid Baitul Musyahadah (RMBM) Banda Aceh do. Masjid Baitul Musyahadah same with Meukutop Kupiah Mosque.

After Ramadan 1437H ago, RMBM could not refuse the eagerness of a number of pilgrims who continue to contribute to the community closer to the mosque, and also do not want to eliminate fast nuances in everyday activities.

Chairman of the Youth Masjid Baitul Musyahadah, Mubashirullah said, not only to continue to bring worshipers to the mosque, the program also supports religious tourism program in Banda Aceh. “Especially at this time, Aceh is also as religious tourist destination, and we initiated a program to support it as well,” said Male graduate of Cairo, Monday, August 1, 2016.

Then, every Monday and Thursday, the members were busy for iftar preparation who did sunah fasting. “There was a variety of food, like menu iftar in Ramadan,” said Bashir.

“There were many guests who stop here also eat this takjil, I do not know they are tourists or not, but clearly the entrants and pray Maghrib here,” he continued.

The hope, program takjil Monday-Thursday, could improve silaturrahmi, with anyone. In addition, to support the city of Banda Aceh as a religious tourist destination. “The tourists can enjoy how traveled halal and beauty of worship in Banda Aceh,” said Bashir.

Want to try, please enjoy the culinary there, just feel like Ramadan. [Yayan | AZ]

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