Lets’ Visit National Exhibition 100 years Aceh Museum

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Banda Aceh- Thousand historical things and many of Indonesia cultures from famous six museum is showed off at Aceh Museum, Banda Aceh. National historical exhibition celebrating 100 years Aceh Museum goes until 4 August 2015.

Visitors not only watch classic collections and scarce, but also enjoy Aceh culinary and theatrical action history actor and Aceh heroes at this place. Then there is story telling about Aceh, charity fair and competitions.

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The exhibition officially is opened by asisten III Aceh Government, Muzakar A Gani with percussion instrument Rapai together, Thursday, 30 July 2015. “I invite for citizen of Aceh to come to Aceh Museum increasing our knowledge about Aceh and national history”, He said.

Head of Culture and Tourism Aceh, Reza Pahlevi said that this national exhibition followed by six museum in Indonesia. Besides Aceh Museum, there are National Museum, Kebangkitan Nasional Museum, Sumpah Pemuda Museum, Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi Jakarta Museum, and Benteng Vrederburg Yogjakarta Museum. Next Public Hall Cultures Eternal and Aceh Cultures.

The central of Aceh Documentation also shows scarce collections at Rumoh Aceh which is located at Museum.

Hundreds of visitors crowd the event at the first day. Emily,tourist from America is enthusiasm enjoying many of collections from museums in Indonesia. “It is very nice, i like,” she said, Thursday, 30 July 2015.

She admit that very like seeing classic collections and historical pictures and photo there. “The pictures is good, i love the colors”, she said. [SM|AZ]