Here’s the Top 10 Mosque in Banda Aceh

Oman Mosque | Foto: Ahamd Ariska

Oman Mosque | Foto: Ahamd Ariska

Banda Aceh – Travel religion and history in Banda Aceh could not be separated from the mosques that scattered throughout the area. The place of worship has stories that accompany the journey of the old town from time to time.

We did the mapping, tracing a number of mosques in Banda Aceh who has value of history and the advantages of each. Mosques are worthy visit for travelers who want a religious atmosphere. Here are the Top 10 mosques in Banda Aceh.

1. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
2. Oman Mosque, Lampriet
3. Kupiah Meukutop Mosque, Setui
4. Baiturrahim Mosque Ulee Lheu
5. Lamgugop Mosque
6. Lueng Bata Mosque
7. TGK Dianjong Mosque
8. Darussalam Campus Mosque
9. Baitussalihin Mosque Ulee Kareng
10. Alhuda Mosque, Gampong Laksana

There are still many other mosques that are not less interesting and have a lot of stories in Banda Aceh. But this time, we only investigated the top ten of the mosque one by one and displayed separately later. hopefully it can be a reference for those who are interested to know more closely. [AW|AZ]