Fascination of Keukarah For Travelers

Photo: Yayan

Photo: Yayan

Banda Aceh – Keukarah or Karah outlets traditional pastry Mr. Adnan (57) in Pasar Atjeh was exhausted. Adnan owner ordered store back, because that traditional Acehnese cake attracts many residents and travelers.

“The cake is just taken back, is up since yesterday, and it’s only a few days after the feast, cake maker is still on holiday,” said Adnan while laughing, Friday, July 15, 2016.

The buyer is most travelers who spend the holiday feast in Banda Aceh, called Adnan. “yesterday many Malaysians bought, they like because its unique and it’s not too sweet, suitable for a snack when travelling,” said Adnan.

Keukarah has many pastry ogled the tourists. In addition to travelers from Malaysia, called Adnan, visitors from Jakarta and several cities in Java and Sumatra, also chose Keukarah as a snack while sightseeing.

“The reason that I said before, its funny and sweet taste. It can be an attraction and good to eat,” explained the man who has been selling cookies since 1980.

“Never eat juadah (snack in Malaysian)like this, it feels good, I like it,” I am Puan Rusydah, travelers from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, during visit to cake booth pack Adnan.

Ari, visitors from Jakarta also do the same. Pack the Keukarah as souvenirs to take home to Jakarta. “It would be divided into family and friends,” he said. Keukarah fairly cheap price, starting from Rp 10.000 to Rp 25.000 in according to the size of the existing packaging.

Keukarah made from rice flour mixing with coconut milk and the sugar. Cooked by frying with drained from the canister has been given a small hole around, then drained batter into the hot oil. Once fried Keukarah shaped like a crescent moon. There is also oval.

Besides Keukarah, in the center of culinary tourism Atjeh Market, Banda Aceh, there are a few nibbles pastries also a favorite for travelers which is Pisang Sale Goreng, Bada Reuteuk and Lontong Paris. The location of Atjeh market just next to the Masjid Raya Baiturrahman. [AZ|Yayan]

Photo: Ahmad Ariska

Photo: Ahmad Ariska