Dutch Water tower in Kutaradja

The tower of water is a legacy of Dutch East Indies, now a historical tourism site. Located not far from the Baiturrahman Mosque, or adjacent to Taman Sari Bustanussalatin, Banda Aceh. Built in the 1880s, the monument in Dutch called Teron Water still stands in the center of city.

The majority of the building material etching with a round shape. There is a wooden door facing west. The top of the tower wider shape, made of carved wood typical Dutch. At the peak of the roof looks like a dome.

Historically, this tower is a reservoir and water distribution during the Dutch colonial. Dutch East Indies government in 1904 to pioneer water treatment center named Geni Water Leading located in the area of the place ot the former Royal Palace Aceh. A year later the water started production activities take place.

Water treated in this tower comes from the mountains of Glee Taron, Mata Ie, Aceh Besar. Once collected and then distributed to the needs of military and civilian oversight of government in Kutaradja (Banda Aceh now).

The tower is no-longer functioned now. Government of Banda Aceh has been restoring this tower and make it as one of the historical sites worth a visit. The tower is also already installed lights, exotic visible at night. [SM|AZ]