Culinary in Banda Aceh

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Except coffee, Sanger is a favorite drink in Aceh Aceh in addition to coffee. The drink is a heritage of Aceh culture. Sanger can be found in almost every coffee shop in Banda Aceh.

Firdaus, is coffee lovers from Jakarta has tried while visiting Aceh, August 11, 2016 last. “The taste is not coffee and milk, delicious anyway,” he said at a coffee shop in the area Beurawe.

From the searches submitted by the Committee for Coffee Festival 2014 Banda Aceh, there are two versions of the origin of Sanger. The first comes from the word ‘Sange’ to mention a taste of the coffee and milk. “The taste is not coffee and milk, different from the coffee milk.”

Furthermore, there is also a version that Sanger is derived from the words ‘Equally Understand; sama-sama ngerti’. It appeared around 1996 who popularized by students. Many students were not strong enough at that time to pay expensive glass of milky coffee, and asked the maker of coffee to make a cup of coffee, mixed with a little milk and sugar. Plus the words, ‘equally understand’ and be Sanger.

Fahmi Yunus, founder of the Sanger (Sangerday) said that whatever its origin, the drink was popular in Aceh is Aceh culture. Sangerday itself was coined in the past October 12, 2014, by a couple of young lovers of coffee and Sanger and community I love Aceh. They agreed, every October 12 is celebrated as the Day of Sanger.

If you go to Banda Aceh, do not forget to enjoy Sanger, a typical beverage with the taste of coffee and a little milk. [AW|AZ]



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