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Lincah Mameh

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

In Aceh customs we don’t have dessert. But various of dishes that same with dessert always served in every food menu party.

One of them is Rujak that has sweet taste (almost the same with salad). It was called Lincah Mameh in Acehnese language. The name just a sweet rujak, but it’s also has little spicy taste making more fresh and challenging
There are two types dishes of Lincah Mameh. One dish is a variety of fruit mixed with sugar water shredded and served in a bowl or glass that can be drunk. Second dish, a variety of fruit cut thin random, with sweet spice and nut mixture served in a plate.

Culinary fresh and healthy can be found easily on the edge of the traditional markets in Peunayong, Banda Aceh. One portion can be bought at cheap prices ranging from Rp 5,000 per portion. It also can be found around the area of road Muhammad Jam, Banda Aceh.

Licah Mameh sometimes mixed with sago palm fruit (fruit of the sago tree) that are old or that has been marinated, which makes sense rujak getting kicked in the tongue when consumed. “The fruit of this thatch serves to avoid diarrhea, because it is a little chelate,” said Sulaiman, Lincah Nimble traders in Peunayong.

Ingredients for making rujak is sweet mango, jicama, cucumber, pineapple and papaya and sago palm fruit (if any).

Lincah Mameh can also be obtained as a dessert in a restaurant that serves specialties from Aceh in Banda Aceh. Want to enjoy the sensation, please come to the city of Banda Aceh. [Yan|AZ]

Lincah Mameh