Culinary Banda Aceh
Kuah Beulangong

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Dozens of guests alternated come to a stall in Lamteh, Banda Aceh in the noon of August 2016. The waiters serve their specialties that so attempting, there are curry goat, chicken catching, typical fried chicken, curry chicken and various other menus.

Owner of Warung, Lem Bakri said the day, guests can reach 500 people a day. The guests not only from local, but also from national and foreign. Malaysia is the most common, there is also Europe and America. Their favorite menu is Kuah Beulangong.

Kuah beulangong, people in Aceh are often called the curry goat. Known as Kuah Beulangong because it cooks using belanggong for container (cauldron) is great with a diameter of about one meter. Culinary has been known since the days of the sultanate of Aceh.

The average major food stalls in Banda Aceh offer this cuisine, there are also specialized in selling mutton curry alone, just easy to find. The menu is also always cooked to wash the taste during the celebration of Maulid, the festivity of Ramadan feast in Aceh and other events.

Mutton or beef became the main ingredient. Diced and mixed with young jackfruit. Full marinade; red chilli, sliced onion, garlic, lemongrass, clove, pandan leaves, bay leaf, turmeric, nutmeg, and temurui leaves (curry leaves/murraya koenigi), can also add coconut milk.

When you go to Banda Aceh, please visit the food stalls that provide this menu, among them;
– Eating Lem Bakri
Jalan Panglima Nyak Makam new, Lamteh, Banda Aceh

– Rumah Makan Hasan
Cut Krueng village, Aceh Besar
Jalan Panglima Nyak Makam, Pango.

– Eating Typical Aceh Rayeuk
Village Lueng Bata, Banda Aceh


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