Culinary Banda Aceh
Ayam Tangkap

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

This culinary scene last ten years in Aceh, in full swing during the reconstruction of Aceh after the tsunami. These foods resurrected from the indatu recipe, which is long buried.

Simple meat, chicken cut into small pieces fried and served with temurui leaf, pandan leaves, green chilli and a sprinkling of fried onions. Then eat it with a spicy sauce. The aroma is very tempting.

The main ingredient is not arbitrary, but the chicken is usually kept free to roam in the villages. This chicken must be arrested first before processing. Then after cleaned, soaked briefly with lemon juice, coconut water, ginger, coriander and turmeric. Then entry temurui into frying pan with the leaves and green chilies that typical culinary ayam tangkap.

One portion can be obtained at a price of Rp 60,000 – Rp 80,000, just choose and enjoy it at the restaurant or at home. Many restaurants offer these foods.

– Restaurant of Aceh Rayeuk
Banda Aceh – Medan St, Village Lueng Bata, Banda Aceh

– Restaurant Hasan
The village of Krueng Cut, Jalan P Nyak Makam, Pango, Banda Aceh

– Restaurant Lem Bakri
P Nyak Makam St, Lamteh Banda Aceh


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