Culinary Banda Aceh
Asam Keueng

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

This culinary is indeed timeless. It could eat every time and everywhere, and still provide real freshness. You dare spicy and sour dishes, Aceh has a distinctive cuisine which has a spicy and sour taste that is different from other regional cuisine, named “Asam Keueng” (sour spicy). As the name implies, this dish has a spicy and sour flavor that is very strong and firm. So it is very taste on the tongue.

In all weather, this dish always gives freshness with spicy sour taste.

Asam Keueng cuisine or Masam Keueng is very famous in Aceh. Almost all restaurants serve this dishes. Moreover, in every household, almost every day the menu is at the dinner table.
The people of Aceh in general liked the cuisine with sour and spicy taste. No wonder the majority of its cuisine sour and spicy flavor.

The main ingredients of Asam Keueng is a marine fish. Can be a swordfish, grouper, fish rambeu or even shrimp. Because the area 2/3 Aceh is coast so the ingredients of fish and shrimp is very easy to find. For the highlands or mountain residents using freshwater fish to spicy sour menu, such as carp. So in all districts in Aceh had a spicy fish dishes in accordance with the character of each area.

“It was same between sour and spicy, but the seasoning cooking just a little different according uniqueness of the area, and the sour taste that is obtained is not of vinegar, but from lime, star fruit, and acid jing ie acid typical Gayo highlands,” said Kak Bet owners Kede Bu Gampong, located in Pango Banda Aceh.

Bu Kede Gampong, Kak Bet said that Asam Keueung as main menu and mainstay. “The fish can vary, some tuna, rambeu or even shrimp,” she explained.

For fish that have high levels of fishy, such as grouper and other reef fish, then the curry spice can be added with coriander, or even some that gave it coconut gongseng, so fishy fish being lost and tasteless.

Asam Keueng can be found in almost all Restaurant Aceh in Banda Aceh. Included in Kede Bu Gampong which is the owner is Kak Bet that located in Pango, Banda Aceh. There are;

– Restaurant of Aceh Rayeuk
Lueng Bata, Banda Aceh
Open day and night

– Restaurant of Tringgadeng
Daud Beureueh St, Banda Aceh
Open day and night

-Restaurant of Asia Utama
Cut Mutia St, Number 39, Banda Aceh

-Restaurant of Aceh Spesifik
T. Hasan Dek St. Banda Aceh

– Restaurant of Ujung Batee
T. Hasan Dek St. Banda Aceh

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