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Aceh Noodles

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Noodles Aceh (Mie Aceh) typical of most western area of Sumatra. The difference with other noodles is its shape. The noodles are made from flour and yellow often called yellow noodles and processed without preservatives. The size is a bit larger than usual noodles. It may resemble the Hokkien noodles or spaghetti.

Making the noodles is not difficult. Muntasir, Mie Aceh sellers around Simpang Tujuh Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh, said the basic materials that are used only yellow noodles and seasoning. In seasoning Aceh noodles there is the secret delights.

Marinade consisting of spices, there are chili, garlic, and pecans, red onion and peanut and pepper sedikiy. Seasoning is finely milled and red.

When cooking Aceh Noodles, sellers often mix meat, shrimp and crab increasingly tempting. It seemed guaranteed more delicious. When eating, add pickles, sliced onions and crackers melinjo.

Aceh Noodles became a favorite menu in coffee shop at night. There is also a special shop that provides the noodles, like Warung Mie Razali in Peunayong and Warung Mie Midi in Peuniti.

Would not be hard to find. If you go to Banda Aceh or to Acehnese, do not forget to try this menu. [AW | AZ]

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