Come On, Commemoration of the Turkish History in Bitai

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Banda Aceh – Want to know more about the relationship Aceh and Turkey? You can visit to the Village (Village) Bitai, Jaya Baru sub-district, Banda Aceh. The village is witness of the history how Aceh relationship is very close to the Turkish nation.

Here, a fact is saved which show the connection between Banda Aceh and the Ottoman Caliphate. Because at this place, many tombs of Turks (according to the records, there are 48 pieces of the tomb of the teachers, clerics, military officers also) the Caliphate of the Ottoman Turks who had served in Aceh.

History records to help people in Aceh repel invader, the Ottoman Empire sent aid in the form of material and nonmaterial. Weapons complete with soldiers and coaches. Complete with teaching science and so forth.

Once, at the beginning of the scholars Turkey wants to teach Islam in Aceh and Pesantren, Islam in Bitai very advanced because many people outside of Aceh learn the Islamic religion.

In the beginning on August 2016, a number of history-loving community in Aceh to commemorate 477 years of relations Aceh and Turkey. In addition to the trail’s history through a variety of poetry and tausiyah, this activity also confirmed that Desa Bitai is historical tourist sites in the city of Banda Aceh.

Chairman of the Institute of History indatu Lamuria Aceh (SILA), Muammar Al-Farisi hope, and history of Aceh and Turkish relations can be maintained in Bitai. “So anyone who visited Aceh and want to know the history of Aceh, they could see one of them here, in Bitai,” said Muammar, August 10, 2016.

In the cemetery, there are approximately 25 graves around the tomb of Sultan Salahuddin. Seven of the tomb was made of rock and 18 others made of river stones. Overall the cemetery has octagonal stone and decorative inscribed with Arabic calligraphy. At the bottom there is a widespread pattern tumpal headstone, gravestone convex peaks topped with a circle of eight sides.

Name Bitai taken to commemorate the origin of the Turkish people of Palestine or Bayt al-Maqdis, another name for Jerusalem where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is located. Bitai village adjacent to the village Emperom which is now used as a settlement area of Turkey.

Lin Hazimah (19 years), a student of Islamic Science University of Malaysia, said she is very lucky to visit the region Bitai. According to him, Aceh has always been a reference for students in Malaysia who want to learn the history of Islam in Southeast Asia. “With a visit to here, we are so much extra knowledge this location is suitable for the travel history of Islam.” [Yayan|AZ]

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