Minyeuk Pret, Aroma Typical of Aceh

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Banda Aceh – Aceh has so many cultural diversity and natural result. Various fragrant flowers is interesting to be processed into a superior product. Based on the background , from 1 April 2015, a group of young make a product with the registered trademark “Minyeuk Pret” or perfume.

Dodi, the owner said Minyeuk Pret sell original fragrance of Aceh. Utilizing the natural resources, best patchouli oil comes from Aceh. “During that time, perfume products from Aceh was first introduced to the public,” he said Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

Aceh fragrance oil products is expected to become the locomotive of perfume national company that introduced Aceh aroma to the world. Dodi explained, they have a high commitment, focusing on the best quality and make Minyeuk Pret so close to the consumer.

Since its launch, Minyeuk Pret distributed throughout Indonesia. Now can be enjoyed by people from Sabang to Merauke. “Perfume is also as a souvenir for tourists who visited Aceh,” said Dodi.

Not difficult to find Minyeuk Pret in Banda Aceh. Not only at Wedana Road 104, Lam Ara the production place, but also can be found in some outlets such as; Library Gift Shop Unsyiah, Heritage Souvenir in Peunayong, Citra Souvernir in Lampineung, Chanting Souvenir at Batoh, and Dekranas city of Banda Aceh. In addition, reseller or agent Minyeuk Pret also been spread across the districts/cities in Aceh, and major cities in Indonesia.

Currently, Minyeuk Pret has three distinctive aroma selection Aceh; Seulanga flowers, Meulu flowers, and the aroma of coffee. Please try aroma of Aceh. [AZ|Said]

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