Tuha Mosque Indrapuri, Estate of Hinduism

Masjid Indrapuri1
Indrapuri Mosque has existed in area 33.875 m2, sketch of building have the shape of rectangle same with double size of volleyball field. As a whole it had wood construction and some carved object. The height of building reach around 11,65 m. It had 36 post and horse made of wood as a roof. In front of the mosque there is a bath for wudhu, special characteristics of old Mosques in Aceh.

Based on history, the mosque built by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) at ruins of temple and also as defense castle Kingdom of Hindu Lamuri. The temple have been there since 10 M. Meanwhile the mosque was existed from 1207 Hijriah (moslem year) or 1618 M.

Indrapuri Mosque was witness for all of important tragedy in Aceh History last period. Here, Sultan Alaidin Muhammad Daud Syah (1884-1903) was mentioned as a King of Aceh. When castle attacked by Dutch, the mosque became the central of Sultan Aceh government and basic defense of Aceh soldier.

Masjid indrapuri3

Not only the amazing history, but also this mosque saved a lot of unique things, one of them was the full of art architecture and the simple ones. Roof of mosque have shaped-square and it looks like pyramid within three composition. Every composition give space for the air, it shows the sophisticate value of Aceh.

Style of that roof believed that it was combination of Aceh and Hindu cultures as an old building and it was forgot by people. In fact it was very rich history. Many of mosque in Aceh was built when Islam came followed the same pattern architecture; pyramid roof. [SM|AZ]