Photo: Natural Tourism at CRU Sampoiniet

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Visit to Aceh Jaya, do not forget to stop for a moment at CRU Sampoiniet, a benign elephant trained.

For those of you who likes adventurous and walking, this area could be one of your destinations. The nature is charming and gives feel of the mountains that are so tempting. No harm in trying to enjoy it here.

There, you will also find four adult elephants were tame. It is in the post Conservation Response Unit (CRU) Sarah Deu Kampung Ie Jeureungeh, Sampoiniet subdistrict, Aceh Jaya, it has a distance of about 3 hours from the center of Banda Aceh.

When we went there, June 26, Mahout (elephant handler) four elephants bathing in the river Ie Jeureungeh. It was done routinely every day. Enjoy the pictures above. [Ahmad Ariska]

Calang, Aceh Jaya can be picked up through land route from Banda Aceh as the capital of Aceh province, located about 148 kilometers.