Welcoming Investor from Saudi Arabia, Banda Aceh Promotes Business of Madani

Foto: Humas Banda Aceh

Foto: Humas Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh- Banda Aceh Government will build Central Business Madani and invite investors in developing this area. In a banquet with Middle East businessmen, Mayor Deputy of Banda Aceh Zainal Arifin also introduce this potential.

According to him, Banda Aceh traffic levels increased, so Banda Aceh Government has designed a potential business area. “Now we are doing promotion for the investors who want to developing the region, “he said.

It was stated by Zainal in a banquet at night and also build relationship with the Middle East businessmen, delegation event of Indonesia Middle East Update (IMEU) 2015 in Hall Mayor of Banda Aceh, Monday, October 19, 2015.

Zainal not only expose investment opportunities, but also invites investor from Arab to sharing information and creating cooperation in the future.

Iwan Wijaya Mulyanto also were at the banquet, Deputy Director Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the Embassy in the countries of the Middle East.

According to Zainal, the arrival of the Arab businessman’s gives spirit and motivation Banda Aceh Government in urban development, especially in the field tourism, trade, investment and human resources. Banda Aceh, he said, is like a magnet that attracts many people to settle and seek in this area. “Banda Aceh is also a city full of history, particularly with Islam, and it needs to be maintained the identity. ” [AZ]