Want to see the future of Banda Aceh? let’s go to Taman Sari

Foto: Yayan

Foto: Yayan

Banda Aceh-want to see the development plan of Banda Aceh in the future, you can see it in the special zone Banda Aceh future, is on display in the exhibition at the City of Banda Aceh, which was held at Taman Sari.

Mayor of Banda Aceh, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, at the opening of the exhibition building and the art Piasan Banda Aceh, said various accomplishments and achievements of all sectors in the ranks Government of Banda Aceh will be displayed at the exhibition in all zones related to their respective fields. As for knowing how to program planning Banda Aceh in the future can be seen in the special zone stand Banda Aceh Future.

“Will also be displayed fundamental programs or projects that will be realized the City of Banda Aceh in the future,” she said.

She added, with a display of the programs the Government of Banda Aceh in the future it is expected that the public can obtain accurate information so it could be able to provide support for the success of such programs.

Meanwhile, Director General of Public Works, Ministry PRPU, Ari Setyadi gave a high appreciation of the achievements of development in Banda Aceh. “I’ve seen the ongoing developments, and I am impressed by the design of new development, and the ministry will help Banda Aceh to realize the development plans,” said Ari Setyadi when opening the event on Friday evening 30 September 2016.

In the same occasion, the government of the city of Banda Aceh, also gave a special award to the six artists in Banda Aceh, respectively Nazaruddin (Zal Debus) for category conservers of traditional arts, Teuku Fadli from the arts community, Chairul Anwar dance artist, Anton Setiabudi artists contemporary, Mustafa Tauris, cartoonist and graphic design as well Sucipto alias Tito modern musical artists. [Yan]