There is a Banda Aceh Heritage Photo Exhibition in Blang Padang

Upacara Militer Kerkof


Banda Aceh – Indonesian Heritage Cities Network (JKPI) Exhibition has opened by the Mayor of Banda Aceh City Hj.Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal SE, Saturday night May 7, 2016, at Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.

Exhibition with 57 booths belonged to the district government, state-owned enterprise (BUMN), ministries and private booths featuring a number of superior products from various regions in Indonesia crowded with thousands of residents of Banda Aceh.

Near by the JKPI exhibition stand, there is also a photo exhibition which featuring a number of cultural heritage objects, historical objects and handicrafts products by residents of Banda Aceh. Dozens of that photographs is the work of Irwansyah Putra, member of Indonesian Photojournalist (PFI) Aceh.

Head of Public Relations of the Government of Banda Aceh City, Wirzaini Usman explained, photo exhibition held to represent Banda Aceh as an old city that has a rich culture, heritage and a long history of Islamic civilization. “There are history objects and cultural heritage that we display in this exhibition. There are 65 photos that we displayed,” Wirzaini said.

Photographs of Aceh people’s resistance against the Dutch is also shown in this arena through the Kherkof cemetery, the graves of thousands of Dutch soldiers who died when they gets the resistance of the people of Aceh. The exhibition attracted the attention of visitors are drawn to the Heritage and Cultural Heritage Banda Aceh in this picture.

The evidence of Banda Aceh as a center of world trade in mainstay commodities of spices which then has a close relationship with many countries such as Turkey are also displayed in this exhibition.