The Various Attraction Of Tour Will Be Held In Aceh Next Month

Saman dance at Museum Aceh | Ahmad Ariska

Saman dance at Museum Aceh | Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – For all of you who want take vacation next month, please visit to Aceh. Besides enjoying natures destination, traditions, cultures, and culiners, there is also uniques attraction of tour you can enjoy on the Sumatra most Island for August 2015.

One of them is Culture Transformer 100 Years Aceh Museum will be held on 30 July until 4 August 2015 at Aceh Museum Place in Banda Aceh. Many cultures activities being focused here all days, start from exhibition includes 5 museums in Indonesia, watching documenter films, and story telling.

Then it has Geulayang Tunang Attraction or Traditional Kites Festival at Guha Jepang Park, Lhokseumawe, 1-2 August 2015. Festival themed” Fly High Reaching Ambition” show many of kites.

On 6-9 August there will be Aceh International Surfing Championship or Attraction In the Water for surfer in Simeleu Island.

Next Music Dance for Teenager Festival in Banda Aceh on 6-8 August 2015. Artist Camp in Aceh Besar on 10 August 2015.

The Schedule will get much fun for Spur a Horse Festival in Takengon, Middle of Aceh, on 17-24 August 2015. Here you can see how little jockey spur a horse without saddle.

After that on 22-24 August has automotive attraction Sabang Rally in Weh Island. Next, Agam Inong Aceh Contest 2015 in Banda Aceh, 26-30 August 2015.

Besides that on Independence Day Celebration of Indonesia on 17 August, your eyes will give attention to many competition to celebrate our independence day.

Don’t forget to see palnting a million coral by Indonesia Soldiers for Sea Academy next month. One of place will be focused in Sabang, the city of 0 km Indonesia. [SM|AZ]

Pembukaan 100 tahun Museum Aceh | Foto: Ahmad Ariska

Pembukaan 100 tahun Museum Aceh | Foto: Ahmad Ariska

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