Social Media Spearheads Realizing Aceh As Halal Travel Destinations

Ajakan vote wisata halal | Foto: Halal Tourism Volunteer

Ajakan vote wisata halal | Foto: Halal Tourism Volunteer

Banda Aceh – Participate in competitions Halal Travel Destinations National Halal 2016, Aceh succeed to get four categories that can be given by the voice. Head of Culture and Tourism of the Province  Aceh Reza Fahlevi said that  this is an opportunity for Aceh to promote halal travel, and capture tourists to visit Aceh.

It is mentioned by Reza when opening the Halal Tourism Optimization Enhancement Through Social Media created the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia at Hotel Oasis, Banda Aceh, Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

To be able winning the four categories, the added Reza, of course hard work of all parties is needed, especially the activists on social media. “We are very grateful as well, many communities are very active campaign for Aceh as Halal Travel Destinations, and hopefully Aceh get many voters on this competition,” said Reza.

Similarly, the Deputy Assistant Marketing Strategy Nusantara Tourism, Ministry of Tourism of RI, Waty Moenari, admitted Aceh has huge tourism potential in attracting a large number of tourists. “It just needs to be strengthened in the field of human resources, so that all programs be managed with a good pitch,” he said when opening the Halal Tourism Optimization Enhancement Through Social Media.

Ministry of Tourism alone, call Waty targeting 20 million foreign tourists to come to Indonesia and 270 million domestic tourists can visit throughout Indonesia in 2019 next year. “With the achievement of this target, of course, this could provide economic improvement in Indonesia, there are many jobs and can empower people,” he said.

Aceh was included in the four categories of the 15 contested categories in the competition, namely Category Friendly Travelers Muslim Cultural Destinations Best, Category Airport Friendly Travelers, Category Family Friendly Attractions Tourist and Travel Category.

Voting is doing by online, the winner of this competition will be representing Indonesia at the World Halal Travel Award in Dubai. Optimizing Event Halal Tourism Enhancement Through Social Media is also presenting Siti Khadija, as Volunteer Success Story Lombok Sumbawa. Lombok itself successfully won two categories in the competition International Halal travel Destinations 2015 held in Dubai for the category Halal and Halal Tourism Destination Honeymoon Destination. [AZ | Yayan]