‘Piasan Seni’ Banda Aceh in 2015

Foto: Ahmad Ariska

Foto: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – Thousands of visitors thronged arena Art Piasan 2015 took place in Taman Sari Banda Aceh. On the second night the visitors were entertained by a number of artist perform on the stage on Tuesday evening 15 September 2015.

Among them appear at the end of the show is The Prak Band. The band’s performance is packed with these comedians and make the audience should laughing. The audience was docked to the front of the stage.

The action of Prak Band vocalist, Muhammad Isa make visitors cheering, laughing. He also interacts with the audience who crowded in front of the stage.

“The audience … please give applause for Disbudpar (Department of Culture and Tourism) Banda Aceh which has presented Piasan art, the place for creative artists like us,” shouted Muhammad Isa.

Previously also perform a number of other artists. Like Amoba Band, William Band, Holy Door Khop performing music, dance studio Cit Rapai Geleng of Ka Geunta. There is also a dance studio offering from Bantai Ratoh Leumpia, and perform music of Made In Made.

Art Piasan Banda Aceh in 2015 lasted until the 16th September. The annual event in supporting of the Government Banda Aceh on the activity of art and culture was opened by Assistant Features Economic and Development Setdako Banda Aceh Ir Gusmeri MT represents the mayor. “Art Piasan Banda Aceh is a means to express the values of art into a performance and exhibition that can be enjoyed by many people,” he said. [AZ]

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