Meeting of Indonesian Heritage Cities Network

Kota Pusaka

Banda Aceh to host the National Working Meeting of Indonesian Heritage Cities Network (Rakernas JKPI) 5th 2016. The series of events has already begun since Saturday night, May 7, 2016 at Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.

Head of Public Relations Banda Aceh City Governance, Wirzaini Usman said first of a series of activities Rakernas JKPI is JKPI exhibition. There were 57 booths, both stand belongs to District / City JKPI members, Stand Ministry and private sector and SOE stand ready to show off their products. The event lasts until May 12 next.

He continued, while on display at this event is, the cultural heritage of Indonesian products, superior service product, handicraft and tourist archipelago and investment exhibition. Besides attended by the majority of the Regent / Mayor JKPI members in Indonesia, the congress was also attended by a number of special guests from abroad, namely, Mayor Higashimatsushima, Morio Furuyama and Deputy Speaker of the House Higashimatsushima Mr. Ueda Tsutomo.

Also present were delegates from Turkey, among Hayrettin Güngör (Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey), Murat KODAZ (Expert from the Union of Municipalities of Turkey).[AW|MKK]