Learning Culture and History, Gorontalo Students Go to Banda Aceh

Foto: klikkabar

Foto: klikkabar

Banda Aceh – Dozens of outstanding students from the Province of Gorontalo arrived in Banda Aceh. The arrival of these students to know more about the culture and history of Aceh. While as many as 22 outstanding students from Aceh also dispatched to the Gorontalo to perform the same activities.

Student exchange program is to follow the cultural exchange program who is initiated by the Ministry of SOEs and deployed throughout Indonesia. They will be in Aceh until 14 August.

Chief Operating SIM service represents Angkasapura II Banda Aceh, Sukarni said, the students were in Aceh for a week and will visit a number of historic and tourist sites. “It is becoming acquainted with the archipelago who initiated the SOE program for the State, and a number of outstanding students will be taken around the country,” he said Monday, August 8, 2016.

During his visit to Aceh Regional Secretariat of the students have heard the explanation of a number of features in Aceh. Presented by Advisor to Governor of Privileges and HR, Helvizar Ibrahim. Starting from colonial times, before Indonesia’s independence up to the conflict and the tsunami. Upon hearing about the plane first RI was donated by the people of Aceh, the students stunned.

Including how the enormity of the tsunami that struck Aceh in December 2004. Then, the Aceh conflict had traumatized the people of Aceh, especially children.

“At the beginning of the independence of Indonesia, the only radio that is spreading all over the country and the world only from Aceh. When the RRI in Jakarta is already controlled by the invaders. And it’s called Rimba Raya Radio,” explained Helvizar.

Hearing this history students unnerved, they claim to have never listened to the actual history of Aceh. “This is a valuable lesson for us,” said one student.

Accompanied by two teachers, the students will visit a number of historic sites, tourist attractions and enjoy a unique culinary Aceh in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar and Kota Sabang. [AZ|Yayan]