Department of Culture and Tourism Banda Aceh lauching Tourism Business Forum

Banda Aceh – in order increasing the number of tourist, the Department of Culture and Tourism Banda Aceh formed Tourism Business Communication Forum Banda Aceh. gathering place for tourism launched by the Deputy Mayor of Banda Aceh, Zainal Arifin in Rumoh Budaya, Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Zainal said that Banda Aceh is promoting Islamic tourism and support the concept of halal tourism which is being built in Aceh province generally. “Forum and the general public can continue the program to develop tourism,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Department of Culture and Tourism Banda Aceh, Ridha, MM said that tourists visit to Banda Aceh increase from year to year. From BPS data, throughout 2012 – 2015, visiting to Banda Aceh exceeded one million tourists. “Need to manage tourism in a professional manner,” he said.

The concept of halal tourism is an opportunity for Banda Aceh as a gateway to Aceh. Forum is expected to build synergy and communication among tourism to be more advanced and known to the outside community. []