Coronation of Agam-Inong of Banda Aceh Year 2016

Banda Aceh – Aan Risnanda (23 years) and Yulia Usfa (18 years) has been named as Agam and Inong of Banda Aceh Year 2016. The coronation took place on Saturday evening April 2nd 2016 AAC Dayaan Dawood Unsyiah, Banda Aceh.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office Banda Aceh, Drs Rizha MM said that Agam Inong event this year’s carries the theme “Explore the Golden Era of Aceh Sultanate”.

Agam Inong chosen through a rigorous selection. Initially there were 95 participants registered, after going through the written test and interview early stage, it was determined 30 finalists were quarantined for four days, March 31 to April 3 at Rasamala Hotel, comprising 15 Agam and 15 Inong. They then selected as assessed various aspects, such as personality, general knowledge, and tourism.

Coronation night was attended by the Mayor of Banda Aceh, Illiza Saaduddin Djamal. She also acted as honorary judges participate congratulate selected. [AW | AA]