Celebrating its Anniversary, Banda Aceh City Government Holds Photo Exhibition

Illustrasi pameran foto
In order to celebrate the 811 anniversary of Banda Aceh City, the Government will hold an photos exhibition. The exhibition, which is entitled ‘Record of Banda Aceh City from 2012-2017’ will be held on Friday, April 22, right at the ages 811 years of Banda Aceh City.

Head of Public Relations of the Government of Banda Aceh City, Wirzaini Usman explained in the photo exhibition will be shown dozens of photos that illustrating flashback of Banda Aceh journey that starts from the leadership of Mawardy Nurdin until the leadership continued by Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal.

Photo Exhibition that held in cooperation the Government of Banda Aceh City with Indonesian Photojournalist (PFI) Aceh will take place in Abu Lam U sidewalk, in front of the City Hall of Banda Aceh City.

The exhibition will run for five days from 22 to 26 April, and the photographs shown were taken by photographer of Banda Aceh City PR and also the masterpiece from PFI Aceh.