Banda Aceh Presents Ramadhan’s Village Festival

Foto: Ahmad Ariska

Foto: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – The government of Banda Aceh will organize “Ramadan’s Village” to cheer the situation up of fasting month. This festival will present all along Tepi Kali Krueng Aceh Street start on 4 July 2015.

“The Schedule of festival will start from 4 July until next week, showing various of unique things that always we face only on Ramadan in Aceh,” said leader of culture and tourism office for Banda Aceh, Fadhil, Friday, 26 June 2015.

He said that in addition to celebrating Ramadan, Ramadan’s Village is promoting tradition, cultures, and foods so it is inviting tourists enjoying Ramadan atmosphere in Aceh. “it based on our spirit for Banda Aceh as world Islamic tourism.”

Ramadan’s Village Festival Banda Aceh will be followed by communities, private office and all of department under government of Banda Aceh. The planning is more than 30 stands join this festival which presents Aceh foods, Ramadan needless complications, Moslem fashions, competitions and talk show. [SM|AZ]