Ramadan, Kanji Rumbi (Porridge) Beurawe’s Mosque

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – Every Ramadan, Al-Furqan mosque committee, Beurawe, Banda Aceh, always prepare Kanji Rumbi (such as porridge) for breakfasting. The tradition of this local people still last until now include for Ramadan this year.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2016, porridge maker is still on their activities as usual. Since the noon they prepared porridge into two large pots, which has line a half over a meter for every pot . The main ingredient is rice having good quality. The rice was cooked up into a pulp, then put it with vegetables and spices that have been milled as the main ingredients. There are potatoes, carrots, turmeric, ginger, onion, soup leaves, coconut milk, pandan leaves, lemongrass and many others.

Various of leaf didn’t put together, half of them inserted while being stirred until it got mature. It took two hours to make the this dishes of Aceh.

Kanji Rumbi is not only just iftar but also the foods as cold medicine and ulcer. Understandably, seasonings such as ginger, lemon grass leaves, turmeric and others are prescription drugs since time immemorial.

After two hours cooked, Kanji Rumbi ready to be served in small bowls as the main menu iftar at Al-Furqan Mosque. Kanji Rumbi also available for people who wants break their fasting at home. They brought bowl from home and took it at the mosque. [AZ|AW]

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