PHOTOS: The Excitement of Aceh International Rapa’i Festival 2016

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Banda Aceh – Opening cultural event ‘Aceh International Rapa’i Festival 2016’ gala at Queen’s Park Safiatuddin, Banda Aceh, on Friday night August 26, 2016. From the main stage, dancers alternated beating rapa’i to show their skills.

Rapai Festival lasts until August 30, 2016 held at three (3) main locations in Banda Aceh, Safiatuddin Parks, Wildlife Art And Culture and Aceh Tsunami Museum. Here are photos of the festival fanfare. [AW|AZ]

Penutupan Rapai Fes5

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Penutupan Rapai Fes1

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