Meugang Tradition, Meat Market Crowded

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Photos: Ahmad Ariska

Every meugang, there are unusual activities, market more crowded with meat vendor who sell it in front of stores selling various of necessity.

Meugang is a tradition in Aceh, no provinces have this tradition. Usually, meugang celebrate on one or two days before Ramadhan came, and also it was celebrated on Idul Fitri and Idul Adha.

It is not suprising, meat vendor all of a sudden appear at the market. In Banda Aceh, meat vendor around at subdistricts and villages; Ulee Kareng, Darussalam, Peunayong, Beurawe, Setui and others. At the morning, the road is quiet and the Market as a central of bustle.


Historian of Aceh, Tarmizi A Hamid said that meugang noted down in Qanun Al Asyi (Qanun Meukuta Alam) which was published on Aceh Sultan period. It was mentioned on holy book, Aceh Sultan by hereditary asked to Qadi Mua’zzam Khazanah Balai Silatur Rahmi to take dirham, fabrics, cows, buffalos cut back on meugang’s day.

Next, the meat give away to muslim religious mendicant, dhuafa, advanced age and sightless people. Not only meat, but also money and fabrics with 6 cubics Sultan give to his society. The gift distributed by leader of village (Keuchik) at every area. “Aceh Sultan always give it to his beloved people”, mentioned Tarmizi that took from Sultan holy book on Iskandar Muda period. [AW|AZ]