Local Language Is Requested To Signing in School Curriculum

Kongres Peradaban Aceh
Banda Aceh – Aceh Civilizations Pre-Congress recommends that local languages in Aceh is included in the curriculum at schools. “It is important for students to be familiar with the local language,” said Mustafa Ismail, Secretary of the Committee of the Congress of Civilization Aceh, Banda Aceh, Monday, September 28, 2015.

He said that the obligation to learn the local language is only for students who are in their respective territories according to their mother tongue. For example, students in Gayo only learn Gayo language, students in coastal Aceh just learning its language, students in Aceh Tamiang only learn Tamiang language, and so on. “So they are not required to learn all of local languages in Aceh,” said Mustafa.

According to him, the students really need to be encouraged to learn and proficient native language and was not too shy using the local language in their environment.

Fahmi Mada, one of the initiator KPA2015, adding that the same thing happens in Banten. “There is a local content Sundanese language at schools there.”

Pre-Congress Aceh Civilization themed “Strengthening Local Languages” took place at the Grand Nanggroe, Saturday, September 26, 2015. “It should also be launched by the local language one day a week at government agencies,” said Ahmad Farhan Hamid as he read the recommendation Pre-Congress.

Another recommendation, Congress should encourage decision-makers at the provincial level, district / town to make the regulation that sets the spelling of local languages in Aceh. Equally important recommendations are all local languages in the province have a dictionary in printing and digital forming.

Pre-Congress also recommends that Congress Civilization Aceh conducted in December 2015. It shifted from the planned schedule of the committee on October 23, 2015. [AW|AZ]