Kuah Belangong, The End Of Ramadhan Tradition

Kuah Beulangong1
Citizens of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar have great special tradition towards the Idul Fitri, cooking “Kuah Belangong” at the mosque. Type of goat curry sauce and jackfruit with traditional ingredients that will be shared for people.

Kuah Belangong has meaning of togetherness, usually the tradition is doing in the end of Ramadan, after the night of reciting Alquran. The tradition also gives symbol for people who reciting Alquran until morning.

Besides sharing to people, Kuah Belangong prepares for guest at the mosque for break of fasting. The photo is tradition of cooking Kuah Belangong together at Lampuuk Village, Tungkob, Aceh Besar, on Sunday 12 July 2015. [AZ]
Kuah Beulangon5
Photos: Ahmad Ariska