Craftsmen of Banda Aceh Develop Marketing Creativity

Wali Kota Banda Aceh saat prosesi peusijuk JCH PNS Banda Aceh | Foto: Humas

Wali Kota Banda Aceh saat prosesi peusijuk JCH PNS Banda Aceh | Foto: Humas

Banda Aceh – A total of 180 artisans from 90 village of Banda Aceh follow training Dekranasda marketing creativity that was held in cooperation with Disperindagkop and UKM in the fourth Floor City Balai Kota Hall Banda Aceh, Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

The training aims to develop the creative economy facing of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) was officially opened by the Mayor of Banda Aceh Illiza Saaduddin Djamal.

Kadisperindagkop and UKM, Rizal Junaidi said the materials provided to participants regarding the financial management and marketing with keynote speakers from business development agencies, and Disperindagkop and UKM. In addition to the management and marketing, obstacles still faced by the artisans is about how package the product looks good and interesting. “it will to be continued, considering the large potential flagship products of our craftsmen.”

In his speech, Mayor Illiza said, Banda Aceh should continue to improve the existing excellent products ranging from majemen to quality. “We will realize the program of one village one product. It is also same with one mission of government of Banda Aceh that improve the community economy, “she said.

In addition to the availability of various types and models, call Illiza, packaging a product made as attractive as possible to be more easily accepted by the market. “Banda Aceh as a tourist destination city has good climate for the creative economy sector. Our city has become an international city, so the quality of the product we produce must be of international standard. ”

To become an entrepreneur does not need having a large store. “Craft is now able to market their products by online. Just using smartphones, networking and spirit, of course branding or promotion for a product also requires a touch of art. “[AW | AZ]