Apam Cake in The Inauguration of Wali’s Meuligoe

Banda Aceh – Old tradition reintroduced during the inauguration of Wali Nanggroe Meuligoe, at Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Lampeuneuruet, Aceh Besar, April 13, 2016. The tradition was cooked Apam cake.

The cookers are specially brought from Keulibeut, Pidie, which is hereditary maintain that tradition. Apam is served as special menu for guesses, Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah, Wali Nanggroe Tgk Malik Mahmud and Mayor of Banda Aceh, Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, as well as other officials.

Apam known as a pancake that usually served with a feast in the month of Rajab. Besides Pidie, this tradition is also known in North Aceh, Aceh Besar and several other districts in Aceh province.

The cake is made from rice flour, coconut milk made dough and baked in a plate on the ground or cuprok Tanoh. Usually the burnt using wood, can now also with a stove. Apam usually eaten with sauce specially formulated, called kuah tuhe. [AW | AA]