The Wonderful of Jalan Santai Gemilang

Teenagers from Lambaro carry a cash prize of the hatchback car.

Story by Munawar Hafizi

Banda Aceh have entered the age of 813 years. At this old age, Banda Aceh City Government held a Jalan Santai Gemilang or Wonderful Fun Walk as the opening event. A total of 27.000 participants enliven the event that provides a car as the main prize.

People were very enthusiastic of Jalan Santai Gemilang on Saturday, April 14th , 2018. It proved since 6:30, participants began to fill up Blang Padang. Not only from Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar residents also enliven Wonderful Fun Walk.

Banda Aceh Tourism team had to park a vehicle at the Tsunami Museum within a few meters of Blang Padang field due to the parking was already full.

Initiate the start of Blang Padang, the mayor of Banda Aceh, Usman Aminullah, lead Wonderful Fun Walk down the street ahead of SMA 1 Banda Aceh – Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan – Merduati – Jalan Cut Meutia, and finish back at Blang Padang.

The look of joy from the participants can be seen from young to old age. Even some people carries their babies in a stroller.

Rahma Yanti, a girl follow Jalan Santai Gemilang with her family. She even bought a ticket the day before the big day, knowing there is one unit of car provided as the main prize.

Although she doesn’t  get the prize, but Rahma was thrilled to see passionate citizens following the initial event’s anniversary of Banda Aceh city. The great number of participants surprized her.

peserta Jalan Santai Gemilang

Participants enjoying the Jalan Santai Gemilang.


Zulkhaidar face looks pale, Toyota Agya was his now.

His hand shook as holding the replica car keys as a symbolic and was handed over directly by the mayor of Banda Aceh.

peserta Jalan Santai Gemilang

While Zulkhaidar is receiving the main prize which is hand over directly by mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman.

“Last night I was dreaming to be rewarded in this event. But it is not the car, but the train (motorcycle)” said teenagers from Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar.

Zulkhaidar is son of a barber shop in Pasar Lambaro Aceh Besar, he never expected to have a car, then he prostration of gratitude on stage.

After receiving the hand over of Agya, some people flocked toward Zulkhaidar to congratulate him. Some people suggested him to not sale the gift, because it is a gift from God.

Rahma Yanti appreciates Banda Aceh Government which provides the main prize of the mobile unit. She hoped that the event is further provided a bigger prize and more.

Mayor of Banda Aceh, Usman Aminullah looked excited that day. He appreciated the participation of citizens enliven Wonderful Fun Walk. He was excited because the participants reached 27.000 participants, who originally predicted only 20.000.

“This is our movement in loving Banda Aceh. Insha Allah there were more loving from citizens to the city. Hopefully with this event Banda Aceh will increasingly come to the fore,” he said.

Aminullah had said, on the anniversary of Banda Aceh next year, will offer a larger main prize, i.e. 1 unit of house type 36. Amin… []

English by Ayu R.

Fhoto by Mustawazir