The City Mayor Promoted Banda Aceh in Solo

Banda Aceh is one of the cities in Indonesia that becomes part of Jaringan Kota Pusaka Indonesia (JKPI). This network was formed with the aim of maintaining the preservation of cultural heritage objects (CHOs) historical heritage in Indonesia. This network was declared on October 25, 2018.

This year, the JKPI IV congress was held in Solo City, Central Java, on 24-26 October 2018. Banda Aceh City ensured in participating this event. Mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman, immediately led Banda Aceh City group. He invited Solo residens and JKPI Congress participants to visit Banda Aceh.

On the main stage of cultural exhibition and creative economy JKPI Solo, on Thursday night (10/25/2018), Aminullah said that Banda Aceh’s culinary has a high taste. Aceh, which is rich in spices, has culinary delight recognized worldwide. So, the food in Banda Aceh is famous with 3D; delicious, very delicious, extremely delicious.

“We also have the best coffee in the world. Banda Aceh was famous as the city of 1001 coffee shops. If you want to enjoy it, please come to Banda Aceh. There will be a cup of coffee with a million stories,” said Aminullah.

He conveys that Saman, Seudati, and Rapa-i Geleng dances are very well-known worldwide. Those dances usually perform at many international events.

“Please, visit Banda Aceh. Enjoy the atmosphere of our city and many other interesting things. We welcome everybody. Our city is safe and comfortable,” invited Aminullah.

Stand of Banda Aceh Crowded by the Residents

The booth owned by Banda Aceh City at JKPI cultural exhibition and creative economy event in Solo attracted the attention of visitors. Solo residents and its surrounding areas crowded the booth that exhibiting Banda Aceh local products of the craftsmen which was assisted by Banda Aceh National Craft Council (Dekranasda).

After welcoming dinner at Gede Solo City Hall, Wednesday (24/10/2018), the mayors and regents of JKPI members walked to exhibition site at the courtyard of Vansterbutg Fort.

When arriving at the exhibition site, the Mayor of Solo, Fx Hadi Rudyatmo visited Banda Aceh booth.

Banda Aceh Mayor, H. Aminullah Usman together with his wife, Hj. Nurmiaty AR introduced a number of Banda Aceh superior products to the Mayor of Solo, the other mayors and regents of JKPI members.

Rudi Hadyatmo even had the opportunity to wear kupiah meukeutop and rincong.

Aminullah and his wife also served Aceh coffee to be tasted by the Solo Mayor and other visitors.

“This coffee is very tasty, Sir.” Rudi Hadyatmo commented after sipping Aceh coffee.

Banda Aceh booth had become a favourite place for many visitors to visit during this event. The residents of Solo and its surrounding areas were willing to jostle in line at this booth. Most of them wanted to enjoy the sip of Aceh coffee.

“Can I ask for the coffee, Sir? I want to try Aceh coffee. During this time, I only heard stories from my friends. They said that Aceh coffee is delicious,” said one of the visitors who came from Kutai, East Kalimantan.

Not only coffee, other excellent products were also well selling at Banda Aceh booth. Many visitors spent their money buying Acehnese bags, Pucok Reubong motifs cloth, Acehnese local perfumes (Bidjeh) and other typical Acehnese trinkets.

The chair person of Dekranasda Banda Aceh, Hj. Nurmiaty AR, said that her party will never be bored to utilize every single event to introduce the local products of Banda Aceh craftsmen.

“This kind of events should be utilized to introduce our superior products. Hopefully, if the products are famous, then the Banda Aceh artisans will be more prosperous,” said Nurmiaty.

Aminullah Taught Solo Students to Speak Acehnese

The IV JKPI Congress had many interesting programs. The mayors and regents of JKPI had many chance to introduce their cultures and arts in Solo through the Masterclass program.

On this occasion, Aminullah visited SMP 26, Kepatihan Kulon Village, Jebres District, Surakarta.

In this school, accompanied by several Banda Aceh City Government officials, Aminullah introduced Aceh and Banda Aceh specifically to the students and the teachers in that school.

He said that Banda Aceh has a variety of uniqueness, ranging from culture, arts, culinary, to tourist destinations.

On this occasion the Mayor brought along the dancers who performed Rapai Geleng attraction. The performance brought amazement to all students and the school‘s teachers council.

“This rapai geleng dance is a cultural heritage that we have. This performance is globally well-known because it has been performed in various countries of world. The latest performance they just show is in Singapore,” said Aminullah.

After the cultural introductory session, the Mayor continued walking around the school and entering several classes to introduce Banda Aceh to the students. The Mayor taught how to speak Acehnese language to the students.

“Acehnese language is easy, let me teach you some. How are you? in Acehnese language is peu haba? Kayu (wood) is kayee. Baju (cloth) is bajee. Then, batu (rock) is batee,” said Aminullah followed by the students.

After visiting SMP 26, the Mayor of Banda Aceh was appreciating the committee for having such initiative to hold the Masterclass program at the JKPI event.

“We really appreciate the existence of this masterclass program. This is a means for us, all JKPI members, to introduce our respective regional cultures to become famous throughout the archipelago,” stated Aminullah.[]


Reporter : Munawar Hafizhi

Photographer : Mustawazir

Editor : Ayu ‘Ulya