Pisang Sale, Sweet and Chewy Smoked Banana, #Culinary Made in Banda Aceh

This food is made of banana which is rich of potassium.

While visiting Banda Aceh, no need to be confused about buying snacks for the gift. There are many types of gifts you can buy to take home. One of them is pisang salai or pisang sale (smoked banana). This food is made of banana which is rich of potassium.

Pisang Sale is one of Acehnese snacks, which is healthy and safe to be consumed because it is preservative free. Made through a unique process, smoked and baked, the colour of pisang sale turned into blackish brown. However, the process does not eliminate its sweet taste and chewy texture.

This smoked banana can be bought at Peunayong area, one of the trade and culinary centres in Banda Aceh. On the other hand, if you want to see the manufacturing process of it directly, you can visit its manufacture at Tibang Village, Syiah Kuala District, Banda Aceh. This business, in the form of home industry, spends dozens of banana bunches every day to be processed.

The pisang sale processing takes quite a long process. Starting from choosing a good quality of bananas, cleaned by removing its skin, then smoked for up to 48 hours. There was still an advanced process. The smoked banana then flattened so that the shape becomes tempting. Furthermore, it was dried under the sun, then fried and packed. The product is ready to be distributed to the market. With such a long processing, the price of this food is relatively economical. Only IDR 50.000 per kilogram.

As a province rich in culinary and typical food, pisang sale (smoked banana) has long been a typical snack for Acehnese people. This food was initially consumed and sold in coastal areas of Aceh such as North Aceh and East Aceh. Over time, pisang sale increasingly existed in coffee shops, even at the moment of feast such as Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. This snack is called pisang sale due to the smoked processing (sale) of the bananas.

With its unique taste, unsurprisingly the pisang sale becomes the target of the tourists to buy, especially travellers from Malaysia. So, when you visit the capital of Aceh province, don’t miss the chance to taste and to buy this Banda Aceh typical food as the gift.[]


Text: Abdul Hadi Firsawan

Translator: Ayu ‘Ulya