Piasan Seni, the Biggest Event before the End of the Year

Various art attractions were performed on the main stage; starting from traditional art, modern art to a blend of modern and traditional art.

Piasa seni (the art festival) 2018 was successfully attracted the attention of Banda Aceh residents. Since the opening on Friday night, 16 October 2018, the residents had been crowded Blang Padang square, where this event were held.

Various art attractions were shown at Piasan Seni which involved art activities with a variety of creativity. Dozens of booths lined up, on the left and right, along the 2018 art festival arena.

On each booth, various works of art were exhibited, one of which was doodle art. Besides that, the live sketching booth was crowded by most of the teenagers. At this booth, painters received face painting service that could be completed in just a few minutes.

There was a booth that appeared with striking colours. All in red, with a picture of a white moon star. It is a booth owned by the Turkish-Aceh Cultural Center, Pusat Kebudayaan Aceh Turki (PuKAT). Many books about relationship between Aceh Darussalam Kingdom and Turkey were displayed here. This was intended to restore the relationship memory between Aceh and Ottoman Sultanate in the past.

While at Rongsokan community booth, they had been entertaining the visitors through unique way. The performers did various incredible make up characters, one of which resembles to a ghost. In addition, there had been various other works of art displayed there.

The Secretary Closed Piasan Seni 2018 Event

The peak night of Piasa Seni 2018, on Sunday on October 11th 2018, took place lively. Various art attractions were performed on the main stage; starting from traditional art, modern art to a blend of modern and traditional art.

In addition, on the closing night, the awards were given to the winners who were participated the competitions held during the art festival 2018.

The performance of Gemilang studio was successfully drawing attention from the visitors. This group displayed an extreme attraction called debus or top daboh. Some members of the group danced on the stage while swinging sharp weapons. This attraction was enlivened with rapa-i which was hit simultaneously.

A moment after the preparation, the dancers showed off their invulnerability. They stuck the knives into their bodies along with the sound of rapa-i. Then, the dancers were slicing their stomachs with the swords. There wasn’t a single wound. Even the weapons used could be bent.

Top daboh is an art originating from the South-West coast Aceh. In the past, this invulnerability was used during the war to against the Dutch. Along with the development of the era and there is no more war, the top daboh became a typical Acehnese performance that is often displayed at various events.

Furthermore, the appearance of Fajar Maulidi also made the stage of Art Festival 2018 lively. He sang some Islamic song with modern pop music. []

Reporter : Munawar Hafizhi

Photographer : Mustawazir

Editor : Ayu ‘Ulya