Come and Taste Various Coffee Variants at Banda Aceh Coffee Festival

The Coffee Festival is a good place for those of you who want to launch a coffee variant in one place.

Bustanussalatin Park looks crowded on Saturday afternoon, December 15, 2018. Dozens of coffee vendors, with 3×5 meters of mini booths, stand at the side of the park. In the garden courtyard, visitors look relaxed enjoying the various types of specialty coffee sold at each booth.

For three days, from December 15 to December 17, 2018, the Government of Banda Aceh City held a Coffee Festival at Bustanussalatin Park. The annual event awaited by vendors and coffee connoisseurs.

The Coffee Festival is a good place for those of you who want to launch a coffee variant in one place. At the festival, which takes theme “A Cup of Aceh Coffee, A Million Flavors”, you can order a variety of coffee products such as Arabica and Robusta sanger coffee, kupi sareng, kupi khop, palm coffee, honey coffee, and other variants that are not less delicious.

You can choose to enjoy coffee in the afternoon or evening. This park is really suitable if you want to unwind after work or just spend the leisure time.

Banda Aceh Mayor, Aminullah Usman, said that the Coffee Festival was held to achieve one of the city government visions, namely economic development. During the festival, business people from other business fields such as hospitality and culinary are also invited to see directly coffee products produced by the traders. He hoped that the coffee supplied and used at the hotels are the local products.

“Banda Aceh does not have a coffee plantation, but we can popularize Aceh coffee through Banda Aceh. Using the coffee to build the businesses,” Aminullah said when opening the festival.

On that occasion, he also told the history of world coffee and Aceh. Since long time ago, coffee has become a favourite beverage for the world population. For example Gayo coffee which has been distributed to foreign countries, Aminullah hopes that the prestige of Aceh coffee will continue to rise to become the number one coffee of the world.

According to him, coffee is one of the promising economic sources because it is needed by hotel and culinary businesses. He hopes, with the advancement of the coffee business in Banda Aceh, it can solve the problem of unemployment and poverty in this city.[]

Reporter : Munawar Hafizhi

Photographer : Mustawazir

Editor : Ayu ‘Ulya