Adee, the Chewy and Aromatic Gift from Pidie Jaya

Adee cakes have started to be massively produced and sold as typical Pidie Jaya gifts after the tsunami.

Adee Kak Nah has been booming and still rising. This cake becomes one of favourite snacks to eat with tea or coffee. Its chewy taste and the aroma of fried onions tease the senses.

This kind of wet cake comes from Meureudu, Pidie Jaya. The distance of the district is about 120 kilometers from Banda Aceh.

Adee is a typical Pidie Jaya culinary that is often encountered during Ramadan or during special occasions such as weddings.

As time goes by, these cakes are starting to attract many culinary hunters. Adee cakes have started to be massively produced and sold as typical Pidie Jaya gifts after the tsunami.

The high interest of Adee Kak Nah is a promising opportunity for these culinary entrepreneurs. One of business person who is keen to see this opportunity is Hj. Rosna H. Yahya. Through her brand, Adee Kak Nah has expanded to various cities, one of which is Banda Aceh.

Hj. Rosna is a businesswoman from Meureudu, the capital city of Pidie Jaya. The inspiration for running this culinary business originated from her parents, Sawiyah Sheikh, which was initiated since 1982. The name of Adee Kak Nah was taken from her daily nickname, Kak Nah.

There are two variants of the Adee currently available, namely flour Adee with the ingredients of flour and sweet potato Adee made from cassava. The delicacy of this cake is more perfect with the aroma of pandan leaves and a sprinkling of fried onions. Its texture is solid but also soft and chewy.

Adee Kak Nah is sold in unique way. If you visit cake shops in Banda Aceh, Adee Kak Nah is displayed on glass display case in the front of the shops. The cake is placed with a baking sheet at once, so you can immediately see the texture and color of the cake. When bought, then the cake is removed from the baking sheet and put inside the box.

Adee prices are varies, ranging from IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000, depending on its size. This cake is easily found in cake shops around Banda Aceh City.

If you stop by the coffee shop, the Adee that has been cut into pieces is served in a small dish. Enjoying Adee Kak Nah with a cup of Acehnese coffee is tasty.

If you visit Banda Aceh, Adee Kak Nah is one of the culinary that you have to bring home as the gifts. []