Where To Go In Banda Aceh?


Where To Go In Banda Aceh
15 Best Things to Do in Aceh (Indonesia)

  • 1. Visit the Tsunami Museum Source: flickr
  • 2. Camp at Blang Kolam Waterfall Source: travelingwhere.com
  • 3. Climb aboard the PLTD Apung Source: indonesiakaya.com
  • 4. Have a coffee at Warung Kopi Solong Source: tripadvisor
  • 5. Enjoy the rainforest in Ketambe Source: Shutterstock
  • 6. Visit the Museum Negeri Banda Aceh Source: wikipedia
  • 7. Explore Rumah Aceh Source: indonesiatravelmagazine.com
  • 8. Sunbathe on Lampuuk Beach

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How far inland did the 2004 tsunami go?

Tsunami – The tsunami’s propagation took 5 hours to reach Western Australia, 7 hours to reach the Arabian Peninsula, and did not reach the South African coast until nearly 11 hours after the earthquake The sudden vertical rise of the seabed by several metres during the earthquake displaced massive volumes of water, resulting in a tsunami that struck the coasts of the Indian Ocean.

  1. A tsunami that causes damage far away from its source is sometimes called a teletsunami and is much more likely to be produced by the vertical motion of the seabed than by horizontal motion.
  2. The tsunami, like all others, behaved differently in deep water than in shallow water.
  3. In deep ocean water, tsunami waves form only a low, broad hump, barely noticeable and harmless, which generally travels at high speed of 500 to 1,000 km/h (310 to 620 mph); in shallow water near coastlines, a tsunami slows down to only tens of kilometres per hour but, in doing so, forms large destructive waves.
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Scientists investigating the damage in Aceh found evidence that the wave reached a height of 24 m (80 ft) when coming ashore along large stretches of the coastline, rising to 30 m (100 ft) in some areas when travelling inland. Radar satellites recorded the heights of tsunami waves in deep water: maximum height was at 600 mm (2 ft) two hours after the earthquake, the first such observations ever made.

According to Tad Murty, vice-president of the Tsunami Society, the total energy of the tsunami waves was equivalent to about 5 megatons of TNT (21 PJ ), which is more than twice the total explosive energy used during all of World War II (including the two atomic bombs) but still a couple of orders of magnitude less than the energy released in the earthquake itself.

In many places, the waves reached as far as 2 km (1.2 mi) inland. Because the 1,600 km (1,000 mi) fault affected by the earthquake was in a nearly north–south orientation, the greatest strength of the tsunami waves was in an east–west direction. Bangladesh, which lies at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, had few casualties despite being a low-lying country relatively near the epicentre. Average height of the waves Coasts that have a landmass between them and the tsunami’s location of origin are usually safe; however, tsunami waves can sometimes diffract around such landmasses.

What to do in Banda Aceh?

Pulau Weh – For many people, the main reason to come to Aceh is to visit Pulau Weh which is an island that can easily be reached from Banda Aceh. Pulau Weh is something of a hidden gem in the region and you can expect azure seas and some excellent snorkelling opportunities.

  • This is one of the top tourist spots in Aceh both for foreign and domestic tourists although you are unlikely to find crowds whenever you choose to visit.
  • Boasting so many things to do and attractions, Banda Aceh is truly a delightful surprise of Sumatra.
  • From here on there are many places to visit such as Medan, Lake Toba, Berastagi and Pulau Weh Island,
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So if you are ever in Sumatra, remember to add on this interesting city to your trip list.

What are the best places to visit in Aceh?

Sri Ratu Safiatuddin – Aceh Cultural Park 20. Siron Mass Grave 21. Baiturrahim Mosque 22. Alue Naga Beach 23. Sheikh Syiah Kuala Graveyard 24. Baitul Musyahadah Mosque 25. Al Makmur Grand Mosque 26. Remains of Koetaradja 27. Lhok Mata Ie 28. Fort Indrapatra 29. Soeharto Hill 30.

Is Banda Aceh worth visiting?

Banda Aceh is one of the lesser visited provinces in Indonesia, although those who make the trip will be rewarded with interesting sights and things to do. Banda Aceh is easily accessible as you can fly in directly to the main airport here or you can travel to Medan in North Sumatra and then move on from there.

The province was devastated by a tsunami in 2004 but has been rebuilt so that only a few reminders can still be found. This is also the only place in Indonesia to have Shariah law but visitors will find it remarkably laid back, at least on the surface, and while you should dress conservatively you will not be expected to cover up as the locals do.

Here are our top picks of what to do in Banda Aceh: